about sami


Art is about the creative process, the materials and the building.

I have developed my mixed media sculpture talents because I love to work with many materials. I’m just a material girl. My art always incorporates more than one material so my art is recognizable as mixed media sculpture.  Most of my pieces consist of materials like metal fused glass, concrete, copper, fiberglass and clay.

Part of my art process is changing the purpose of the materials into an extraordinarily original and eclectic piece of art. Every sculpture makes a bold statement.

I'm happiest with my art when I use recycled industrial metals or iron which may have emitted toxic pollution in one form or the other, then changing its purpose from polluting to visually pleasing. Using those materials allows me to take a product that once endangered Mother Earth and recycle it into a product that enhances Mother Earth.

Sami and her family live in the Spokane area of Washington State.


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